String Wound Filter Cartridges

String Wound Filter Cartridges

General Filtration String Wound Cartridges are produced by winding strands of yarn around a cylindrical core to form a matrix for effective depth filtration of larger particles. String Wound Filter Cartridges are an excellent choice for economical, nominal filtration in the range of 1-150 microns, with both the yarn and core available in a wide array of materials to ensure that the filter is compatible with the process streams and conditions. General Filtration’s String Wound Cartridges are available in multiple lengths and diameters to fit in existing housings and replace other brands.


  • Economical option for nominal filtration
  • Available in multiple yarn and core materials
  • Two options for cartridge outer diameter
  • Lengths from 4” to 40” available
  • Effective for higher solids loadings

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