STARflo™ Filter Bags

STARflo™ Filter Bags

STARflo™ baskets and filter bags allows installation of double the filtration surface area of a standard bag housing. The design of the STARflo™ retainer basket allows for greater surface while maintaining the traditional filter bag profile.

STARflo™ liquid filter bags are available in a complete range of standard and specialty media for improved performance across all industries. With 98% more surface area than a standard size 2 filter bag, the STARflo™ filter bag provides increased dirt loading capacity compared to conventional bag filters resulting in up to 4x service life. Higher dirt loading and increased service life translates into less down time and reduced filtration costs.

The STARflo™ basket fits into existing standard size 2 housings for easy retrofitting of existing systems.


  • The STARflo™ filter bag system is an advanced alternative to standard filter bags
  • The "Star" shaped pleated core provides a 3-dimensional support for a bag filter with 98% more surface area than a standard size 2 filter
  • Silicone free media is suitable for paint and automotive applications
  • Felt media has outer surface treatment to prevent loose fibres and downstream migration
  • Fully welded/thermally bonded seams on standard bags give bypass-free filtration
  • The unique CLICKfit™ flange is designed specifically for the STARflo™ system and comes equipped with raised handles for easy bag insertion and removal


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