Solka-Floc Cellulose Filter Aids

Solka-Floc Cellulose Filter Aids

SOLKA-FLOC® is an environmentally friendly, fibrous, powdered cellulose filter aid derived from select highly purified wood pulp. In high pH filtrations use of diatomite or perlite can be a problem because of silica solubility. SOLKA-FLOC® remains inert in high pH. SOLKA-FLOC® is non-abrasive and is inert to acids, alkalis, and solvents.

SOLKA-FLOC® contains no crystalline silica and presents no issues for worker exposure.

SOLKA-FLOC® is often applied as a precoat assist on damaged or worn filter screens and in hydraulically unstable systems, where the long fibres help to stabilize the filter cake and greatly reduce particle bleedthrough of diatomite or perlite filter powder.

SOLKA-FLOC® produces essentially no ash and is used in applications where the filter cake must be calcined, as in the Merrill Crowe process, or incinerated to recover precious metal catalysts, something not possible with diatomaceous earth or perlite.


  • Resistant to acids and alkalis
  • Can be easily incinerated to recover valuable metals and to lower the disposal costs of spent filter cake
  • Chemically inert, contains no crystalline silica
  • Meets requirements of Food Chemicals Codex
  • Meets requirements for use on products labelled Organic


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