PQ Sorbsil Silica Gels

PQ Sorbsil Silica Gels

SORBSIL® silica hydrogels combine high adsorption capacity with a strong affinity for polar impurities, making them effective adsorbents for the purification of edible oils or biofuel feedstocks.

SORBSIL® silica hydrogels are high purity adsorbents widely accepted by the global edible oil refining industry for physical refining as well as other oil processing applications. These synthetic amorphous silica powders remove contaminants from triglyceride oils and fats derived from a range of vegetable, animal, and marine sources. Their high adsorption capacity and affinity for phospholipids, trace metals, and soaps give both quality improvements and cost savings.

The Sorbsil line allows for a choice of four different products: R40, R40F, R92 and R92F, available in 50lb bags or in supersacs. Contact a filtration specialist at General Filtration to help with the selection of the best adsorbent for your application.


  • Food-grade synthetic silicate base
  • Large active surface area of adsorption
  • Strong affinity for soluble polar impurities
  • Low dosage levels for effective treatment

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