Pleated Filter Cartridges

Pleated Filter Cartridges

General Filtration offers a range of pleated cartridges, from the conventional (PP2, PP3, PP4, and PP5 series) to the advanced (PP1 series hybrid pleated depth cartridges) covering a broad range of applications and process conditions. The pleated configuration allows for a larger surface area and thus longer filtration life, as well as more exact particle-size cutoff than conventional depth filters. For applications with higher solids concentrations, the hybrid depth configuration is an excellent fit because of its ability to maintain a higher flowrate even as the filter matrix becomes loaded with solids. Our filtration experts can help you choose the right cartridge for your needs depending on the micron rating, required efficiency, material compatibility, and application.


  • High purity 100% FDA-compliant polypropylene
  • Free of additives or binders
  • Inert and wide chemical resistance
  • Nominally or absolute rated
  • High surface area for enhanced flowrate
  • Hybrid depth PP1 model for high solids loadings
  • Standard or high-performance options

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