Oil-Dri Bleaching Earths

Oil-Dri Bleaching Earths

Pure-Flo high performance natural bleaching earths are produced from deposits near Ochlocknee, GA and are classified in 3 product families: Natural, Supreme and Perform. Classification depends on the acidity of the clay, with the Natural products being neutral, while Supreme and Perform products have some residual acidity resulting from their activation process. Pure-Flo bleaching earths are adsorbents commonly used in the edible oil refining industry for colour body and impurities removal. General Filtration can help you choose the appropriate clay from the Pure-Flo Select and Perform ranges depending on the type of oil being refined, and the colour body to be removed.

Oil-Dri Bleaching Earths are available in 25 kg paper bags, and are dry, fine powders with a large active surface area to maximize the rate and extent of adsorption of contaminants in the product stream. After adsorption, the clay is completely removed from the treated product by physical filtration.

Please contact a Filtration Specialist at General Filtration to assist you with choosing the right adsorbent for your application as well as engineering the best way to introduce the product into your process.


  • Natural food grade bleaching earth
  • Large active surface area of adsorption
  • Range of neutral and acid-activated earths for different colour bodies and oil types
  • Excellent flow properties


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