Metal Filter Cartridges

Metal Filter Cartridges

General Filtration offers two classes of porous metal cartridges, the GFMF and GFTPE, for demanding applications where polymer materials are not chemically compatible or cannot withstand process conditions. GFMF cartridges are constructed entirely of 304 or 316 SS, including the metal core and mesh surface, available both as cylindrical and pleated format. Metal mesh filters can retain as fine as 5 microns and as open as 100 microns. GFMF cartridges are available in lengths of 9.75’’ to 30’’ in the Double-Open Ended format, with a range of sealing materials.

GFTPE cartridges are sintered metal powder cartridges available in either 316 SS or titanium and can filter as fine as 0.5 microns and as open as 100 microns. They are available in a cylindrical format, and end-configurations vary from Double Open End, to Double O-rings or threaded connections. Titanium is typically chosen over 316 SS due to its superior corrosion resistance.


  • Wide range of chemical resistance and temperatures
  • Regenerable and cleanable
  • Can withstand higher filtration pressures
  • Available as either woven mesh or sintered matrix
  • Readily fits into most cartridge housings


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