Mesh Filter Bags

Mesh Filter Bags

Mesh monofilament and multifilament filter bags are designed for surface filtration where a defined opening is desired to retain particles that are larger than the rated mesh size. Mesh media are typically not absolute-rated.

General Filtration mesh filter bags feature a wide range of retention ratings. The different materials cover many applications with demanding chemical and thermal properties.

Polypropylene monofilament mesh (PPMO) filter bags are available in 1 – 800 microns.

Nylon monofilament mesh (NMO) filter bags are available in 1 – 1200 microns.

Polyester multifilament mesh (PEM) filter bags are available in 1 – 2000 microns​.

General Filtration stocks a wide selection of micron ratings in industry standard sizes for immediate shipment.


  • High-quality polyester, polypropylene, and nylon mesh
  • Multifilament and monofilament fabrics
  • Silicone free media for paint and automotive applications
  • Precision surface filtration
  • Retainer collar is made from chemically resistant FDA-compliant polypropylene resin and offers a unique four-point positive seal

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