High Efficiency Filter Bags

High Efficiency Filter Bags

POMF High Efficiency filter bags are designed for demanding applications that require critical particle size retention and dirt holding capacity. These bags are used mainly for the filtration of high-purity fluids with low particulate concentration. Constructed from chemically resistant polypropylene microfibre for compatibility with a wide range of process applications.

General Filtration POMF filter bags feature high-strength sewn, three-layer construction which is welded to the Polypropylene PolyformSEAL™ ring. POMF filter bags can achieve particle retention efficiency up to 99.9%.

Polypropylene POMF filter bags are available in 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25 microns.

Retainer Options
Polypropylene PolyformSEAL™, zinc plated steel ring, stainless steel ring, or custom plastic flange.

A wide selection of micron ratings in P1 & P2 Industry standard sizes can be stocked for immediate shipment.


  • High-quality polypropylene felt media and chemically resistant polypropylene microfibre
  • Silicone free felt media for paint and automotive applications
  • Felt media outer surface treatment to prevent loose fibres and downstream migration
  • Polypropylene felt and microfibre from FDA-compliant resins for use in food grade applications
  • Fully welded/thermally bonded seams on standard bags for bypass-free filtration
  • PolyformSEAL™ retainer made from chemically resistant FDA compliant polypropylene resin with a unique four-point positive seal

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