Fryer Oil Filter Paper

Fryer Oil Filter Paper

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s filter media for hot cooking oil offer high performance materials for fast food facilities and are designed to deliver fast flow with good particle retention. Good filtration of cooking oil is essential to achieving consistent food quality and economy of oil consumption.

Many filter grades and sizes are available in multiple particle retention ranges to meet the flow requirements of a variety of food and oil combinations. Wet strength is maximized to withstand varying filtration pressures and to avoid rupturing of the media during the oil cleaning process.

General Filtration stocks sheets and envelopes for restaurant hot frying oil filters manufactured by Belshaw, Broaster, Dallas Low-Boy, Dean, Frymaster, Henny Penny, Keating, Mies, Pitco, Prince Castle, Renu, Winston and others.


  • Meets FDA and NSF indirect food contact standards
  • Complete portfolio, including cellulose and synthetic blends of fibres
  • Range of particle retentions and flowrates to maximize filtration efficiency
  • Resistant to bursting
  • Complete adaptability to the most common fryer equipment
  • Customized roll and shape sizes available


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