Filtrox Lenticular Filter Modules

Filtrox Lenticular Filter Modules

Filtrox lenticular filter modules are a convenient, high surface area format which uses the same media as standard Filtrox filter sheets.

Available in both 12” and 16” diameter formats, Filtrox lenticular modules offer a robust, pre-compressed design that eliminates the need for heavy retightening on installation into the housing. Polypropylene separator discs improve flow pattern, reducing overall pressure drop and improving filter life. Heavy duty non-woven polyester outer scrim gives improved resistance to back pressure shock and much improved back-washing capability in addition to the provision of an appreciable degree of pre-filtration prior to the depth filter medium.

Like Filtrox filter sheets, lenticular modules are available with impregnated carbon, for applications which require colour, odour, or taste correction.


  • High surface area
  • Washable – can be cleaned without removal from the filter vessel
  • Efficient depth filtration for high purity applications
  • Wide range of grades available
  • Carbon impregnated media is available
  • Approved for food and beverage contact

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