Eaton Mechanically Cleaned Filters

Eaton Mechanically Cleaned Filters

DCF-400, 800, 1600, 3000, Disc Cleaning Filters
The Eaton DCF-Series is comprised of pneumatically driven disc cleaning filters ideal for highly viscous or sticky liquids, or liquids with abrasive contaminants. The DCFs operate at a consistently low differential pressure and deliver simple, reliable operation. Low initial investment is an attractive feature.

DCF-2000, Disc Cleaning Filter
Eaton’s DCF-2000 motor driven filter addresses the challenges of the papermaking industry, among others. These filter process high solids (48-72%) coatings at 75 micron retention—believed to be the tightest in the industry.

MCF-824, Magnetically-Coupled Filter
The MCF-824 filter system features a simplified design with only 25 total parts. Up to 200 gpm throughput is possible with virtually no downtime with this magnetically coupled self-cleaning filter. This technology allows for quick and easy access for maintenance, reduces potential leaks, while providing a long service life.

MCS-500 & 1500, Magnetically-Coupled Strainers (pictured)
The MCS-500’s magnetically coupled actuation eliminates the need for dynamic seals. This technology provides quick and easy access for maintenance, reduces potential leaks, and requires few moving parts while providing a long service life. The MCS-500 can process up to 500 GPM.

The MCS-1500 is a high-volume system with a flow rate up to 1500 gpm.

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