Eaton Manual Pipeline Strainers

Eaton Manual Pipeline Strainers

High performance systems for keeping debris out of your downstream equipment.

Eaton standard cast pipeline strainers protect pumps, filters, nozzles, flow meters, valves, heat exchangers, condensers, oil burners, boilers, and other process system components from damaging pipeline debris. Eaton maintains the largest and broadest inventory of strainers in the industry, and can provide off-the-shelf delivery of simplex, duplex and Y strainers in metals such as cast iron, carbon steel, bronze, and stainless steel. Cast models include 85 Y-Strainers, 72 Simplex Basket Strainers, 30R Economy Basket Strainers, 50 Plug Type Duplex Strainers, 53BTX Ball Type Duplex Basket Strainers, 73 Straight Flow Basket Strainers, 52 Large Duplex Basket Strainers and 92 Temporary Strainers.

Custom fabricated pipeline strainers offer designs that fit the exact requirement of any application. Whatever your special need — space limitations, unconventional piping connections, a special alloy or cover opening system, or size — Eaton can create the perfect strainer for you. Fabricated models include 90 Simplex Strainers, 950B Duplex Offset Strainers, 91 T-Type Strainers and 570 Eight-Basket Duplex Strainers.

A General Filtration expert can select the exactly right strainer for your application from the broadest range of options. Call us for analysis of your application, detailed technical specifications, and a quotation.


  • ISO 9001-2008 quality management
  • Properly sized components to meet any specified retention requirement and flowrate
  • NSF approved coatings


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