Dalsorb 3000M

Dalsorb 3000M

Dalsorb 3000M is a food-grade synthetic Magnesium Silicate Adsorbent formulated for industrial frying operations to maintain the quality and extend the life of frying oil. Dalsorb 3000M does not impart any flavour or leach into frying oil and is widely approved by various regulatory bodies for use with oil in contact with food ingredients at high temperatures. Contaminants contributing to the degradation of the frying oil that 3000M adsorbs from solution are:

  1. Free Fatty Acids
  2. Polar Compounds
  3. Off-Odours
  4. Off-Flavours
  5. Off-Colours

Dalsorb 3000 is available in 50 lb paper bags, and is a dry, fine powder with a large surface area to maximize the rate and extent of adsorption of contaminants in the product stream. After adsorption, 3000M is completely removed from the treated product by physical filtration.

Please contact a Filtration Specialist at General Filtration to assist you with choosing the right adsorbent for your application as well as engineering the best way to introduce the product into your process.


  • Synthetic food-grade magnesium silicate base
  • Large active surface area of adsorption
  • Maintains quality of frying oil for better product quality and better oil management


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