Clarimex Activated Carbon

Clarimex Activated Carbon

Clarimex produces wood-based acid activated carbons in multiple formats such as Powdered Activated Carbon and Granular Activated Carbon. Powdered activated carbons (PAC) have a large surface area to volume ratio, and a large mesopore volume to allow for rapid and extensive adsorption of odours, colours, and flavours. The superior adsorption characteristics of Clarimex’s activated carbons are indicated by the high Iodine, Methylene Blue, and Molasses numbers, allowing for optimal adsorption at low dosages. Due to the exceptionally fine particle size distribution of PAC, it is necessary to properly separate the carbon particles from the treated product to obtain a clear filtrate, most commonly achieved by using fining agents and filteraid filtration on a pressure leaf filter.

For less demanding applications, granular activated carbons (GAC) are practical alternatives to PACs that also boast a significant active surface area of adsorption with a lower overall density with a larger particle size distribution. They do not require as fine of a filtration as the PACs and can be used in adsorption columns or carbon-ready filter bags.

Clarimex PAC, available in 20 kg paper bags, is a dry and exceptionally fine black powder. After dosing the PAC into the fluid, and completing the adsorption reaction, the carbon is completely removed from the treated product using the appropriate filtration system.

Please contact a Filtration Specialist at General Filtration to assist you with the selection of the appropriate grade of carbon for your application as well as to engineer the best way to introduce the product into your process.


  • Wood-based, acid-treated activated carbons
  • Large surface area and mesopore volumes for fast adsorption rate and capacity
  • PACs require minimal dosages for large adsorption potential
  • GACs are practical for easier filtration and columnar treatments
  • Certified to be food grade compatible

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