Chemical Bypass Pot Feeders

Chemical Bypass Pot Feeders

Bypass feeders provide a rugged and dependable means of introducing chemicals into closed loop liquid systems. They are widely used in hot and chilled water systems. Available in two sizes, these units are compatible with essentially all existing hydronics installations.


  • Carbon steel construction
  • 2 gallon capacity constructed of 5mm pipe
  • 5 gallon capacity constructed of 6mm rolled plate
  • Blue epoxy finish
  • Caps constructed of cast steel with epoxy coated platen with Buna o-ring
  • 300 psi @ 200°F allows for broad range of installation parameters
  • Wide-mouth 3-1/2” threaded closure high pressure for safety and ease of access
  • 4 connections: ¾” ports (2 upper, 2 lower)
  • Domed bottom


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