Carbon Filter Cartridges

Carbon Filter Cartridges

General Filtration offers two carbon cartridges: densely packed granular carbon (type AP017) and Carbon Block.

AP017 cartridges have three layers: an upstream 5 micron prefilter, a bed of high activity, coconut-shell activated carbon granules, and a downstream carbon-retaining polypropylene medium. AP017s are designed to maximize flow through the cartridge and ensure even distribution of flow throughout the bed for optimal adsorptive contact between the process liquid and the carbon surface. The primary purpose of the AP017 cartridge is to adsorb soluble ions in water affecting its chemistry, odour and taste. These include chlorine ions and other organic molecules. AP017 cartridges are available in 10’’ units but can be stacked in our multiple cartridge GFTK housing to accommodate higher flowrates. The carbon used in AP017 cartridges is also silver impregnated for bacteriostatic effect.

Carbon Block cartridges work similarly to AP017 cartridges, but the carbon granules are held together tightly using a binding agent. This allows for the use of finer granules, and therefore a larger adsorptive surface, but is more restrictive to flow than the AP017 model.


  • Simple to install and change out
  • Easily scalable
  • Economical option to treat water high in chlorine
  • Post-filter layer prevents bleedthough of carbon granules

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