Britesorb D300 Silica Xerogel Beer Stabilizer

Britesorb D300 Silica Xerogel Beer Stabilizer

BRITESORB D300 is a silica gel widely used for colloidal stabilization of beer and particularly well suited to use on difficult-to-chillproof beers. As a xerogel (dry silica gel) Britesorb D300’s high adsorptive capacity achieves exceptional stabilizing performance, but it is engineered to do so without sacrificing filtration throughput. Because of its higher activity, it can often replace a combined treatment with silica hydrogel and PVPP.

Its highly selective surface adsorbs only the proteins that cause chill haze, not those that stabilize foam.


  • High level of activity compared to hydrogels
  • Completely food grade
  • Insoluble in beer
  • Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly



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