Boil Out Pods

Boil Out Pods

New Dissolvable Packets with Powder Crystals to Reduce Foaming, Cut Carbon and Grease Deposits.


• LABOUR SAVINGS: Save time, with our exclusive NO WASTE dissolvable packets just “drop and forget”.
No messy paper or plastics to dispose. Accurate one-cup dose every time, no measuring.

• Removes baked on grease and carbon build-up.

• Will not effect metals (may discolour Aluminum).

• COST EFFECTIVE: Clean fryer help make your cooking oil last longer, and fried foods taste better.

• Our Boil Out is a concentrated low foaming cleaner with POWER CRYSTALS, formulated specifically to                                      remove greasy soils, sugar, salts, fats, proteins, and carbonized build up from deep fryers.

• HARD WATER PERFORMANCE: Formulated with POWER CRYSTALS to perform in the presence of                                          hard water.

• CASE CONTENT: 12 X 8 oz Dissolvable Packets

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