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General Filtration knows water filtration and has a broad array of technologies to serve the broad array of water applications that require effective filtration.


Hydronics is the use of water as the heat transfer medium in closed-loop heating and cooling circuits in buildings and campuses. Various treatments prevent corrosion, sequester dissolved solids, and otherwise keep fit for purpose the vast volumes of water used. These treatments would fail without effective filtration.

General Filtration has fifty years of experience supplying, from stock, cartridge and bag filter systems and chemical pot feeders to companies specializing in hydronics as well as to independent “water doctors.”

Water as an industrial utility

Quality standards such as HACCP can require point-of-use filtration throughout the plant.

General Filtration works with companies in various industries to specify cartridge and bag filter systems to meet evolving quality requirements.

City water dechlorination

Chlorine and halogenated organic residuals after disinfection constitute taste taints in foundation water for brewing and winemaking and in ingredient water for juices from concentrate and for foods. Chlorine must also be removed from feed water to protect ion exchange resins from degradation.

General Filtration’s dechlorinators using activated carbon cartridges are the effective, easy to install, and highly economical solution for plants where the volume of water to treat is too little to justify investment in large-scale, steam-sterilizable fixed granular carbon beds.

Stoneworking and glass cutting

Water, in significant volume is the essential lubricant and coolant for the CNC machining of granite, marble, and other ceramics, for the cutting of glass, and for water jet cutting of various materials. For these operations to be economical, the water must be perpetually recycled.

General Filtration supplies, from stock, the perlite filter aid used for pre-coating filter presses in these recycling systems, as well as supplying cartridge filters to keep water jet cutters performing. We know the applications and supply economical solutions.


Filter presses and rotary vacuum drum filters are commonly used to separate heavy concentrations of solids from wastewater in industrial settings. Filter aid pre-coats allow for greatly enhanced filter press efficiency by protecting filter cloths from blinding and facilitating cake discharge. Pre-coats, usually with perlite and sometimes with diatomite, are essential to vacuum drum filter performance.

Increasingly, re-use of highly purified wastewater is indicated for regulatory compliance and economical operations. General Filtration’s cartridge, high efficiency bag filter, and membrane systems can be added to existing systems as polishers to make water re-use feasible.

Filtration for all types of water

Filters for drinking water, process water, wastewater, and more. We have complete filtration solutions for any type of water stream. Contact us today and let our filtration experts help you with your water filtration application.

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