Liquid filtration for hydroelectric power

The generation of electric power requires liquid filtration in many areas.

Feed water from lakes and rivers requires straining to remove large debris. This is often accomplished with the use of automatic self-cleaning strainers, the largest of which can process up to 35,000 GPM of incoming water to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris found in surface water.

Additional filtration of process water is accomplished using high flow filter cartridges with retentions as low as 1 micron to protect the equipment downstream, and to keep water systems free of damaging particulate.

General Filtration offers Solka-Floc cellulose filter powder for use on pressure leaf and candle filters for the removal of oil from steam condensate.

Our pleated paper cartridges are used for the filtration of lube oil in both steam and gas turbines, and for filtration of insulating oil in transformers and switchgear.

Gas turbines require that the inlet combustion air be well filtered. Our NAFCO panel filters are perfectly suited for this application.

Boiler feed water must often be treated with ion exchange and softener resin beds. Protection from fouling of these resin beds is easy with our filter cartridges and filter bags. When Powdex powdered ion exchange resin is changed out on a candle filter, before recoating with the resin, a preliminary sacrificial Solka-floc precoat is applied and backwashed to remove any rust or tramp solids introduced during the blowdown.

Filtration for power generating stations

We have filtration products for hydro, nuclear, and gas generation stations. Contact us today and let our filtration experts find the right product for your application.

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