Mining filtration

General Filtration’s diatomite, perlite, and cellulose filter aids have their well-established niches in hydrometallurgical processes:


In the Merrill-Crowe process to refine gold, diatomite or perlite precoats and bodyfeed on Auto-jet pressure filters or on vacuum clarifiers produce pregnant solution pure enough to get good results downstream. At the precipitation step, fully combustible cellulose precoat improves the subsequent calcining and metal recovery steps.


In uranium refining, and in the electrowinning of nickel and zinc, clarification with filter aid is best for the necessary purification of pregnant solution.


In zinc refining, wet scrubbing of the stack gasses from roasters produces weak acids that require precoat filtration on filter presses to separate trace metals before concentration to produce commercial grade acid.

Precious metal recovery

In small-scale metal refining and precious metal recovery from electronic waste, General Filtration’s absolute rated, all polypropylene, fully combustible filter cartridges capture precipitated metals for subsequent pyrometallurgical recovery.

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