Lubricant filters

General Filtration’s filters and filter media are essential to the manufacture and maintenance of lubricants. Long experience equips our filtration experts to support our customers in these applications.

For sixty-five years, General Filtration has been supplying from stock filter paper, Dicalite diatomite and perlite, and Solka-floc cellulose, for the filter presses and rotary vacuum precoat filters used in producing sulfonated lube oil additives.

Similarly, since the company’s founding, we have supplied Dicalite filter aids for the pressure leaf filters used by renderers in production of the yellow grease that is a widespread component of lubricants.

More recent processes for reclamation of used oils require the fine clarification achievable with filter aid precoats and require guard and polishing filtration on cartridges and filter bags.

Our Power-Flo depth non-woven fabric is the preferred medium for the maintenance of neat oils and water-soluble oils used to lubricate aluminum coil production and aluminum and copper wire drawing.  Our Magnesorb specialty adsorbent removes dissolved solids to greatly extend lubricant life.

General Filtration’s cartridge and bag filter systems give a range of options for guard filtration against occasional tramp solids in packaging and liquid tanker loading and unloading.

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