Frying oil filtration

From world-scale fast food chains right down to the homiest Mom and Pop fish and chip store, Magnesol is the proven product to maintain the quality of frying oil, extend its life, and control cost by combined filtration and adsorption. Frying oil would otherwise degrade rapidly from build-up of solids, free fatty acids, water, and polar substances generated by the very process of food’s contact with the oil. Our filtration experts are skilled in prescribing a Magnesol programme for chains and for individual restaurants.

In the industrial setting, Dalsorb 3000M achieves the same maintenance of quality, extension of life, and control of cost on such applications as frozen fried breaded foods, snack foods, and nut roasting as Magnesol does in the restaurant setting.

For industrial fryers, General Filtration’s rolled non-woven media is used on indexing gravity filters for crumb removal. During routine hot caustic cleaning of fryers, Cerex nylon media is substituted for the food grade polypropylene used for filtration.

General Filtration stocks the broad array of filter paper grades, formats, and sizes used in all the well-known original equipment such as Belshaw, Broaster, Dallas Low Boy, Dean, Frymaster, Henny Penny, Keating, Mies, Pitco, Prince Castle, Renu, Winston, and others. For industrial frying, we stock Sparkler and Star filter papers and a range of food grade non-woven fabric rolls.

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