Filtration for the food and beverage industry

General Filtration’s Dicalite diatomite and perlite, and Solka-floc cellulose filter aids are the established technology, along with filter media such as cellulose/diatomite sheets, filter paper and non-woven fabrics, cartridges, and filter bags for removal of unwanted particles and hazes in the microfiltration range from food and beverages.

We have sixty-five years of experience in applying the legacy technologies to the purification of beer, wine, spirits, fruit juices, bottled water, vegetable oil, DHA and EPA, citric acid, cane sugar and other sweeteners, maple syrup, honey and beeswax, vanillin, vinegar, flavours and essences, as well as an almost endless list of other products. We know how to develop filtration processes for new nutraceuticals and botanical extracts. Our experience equips us well to apply newly developed crossflow membrane technology to the classical applications when it makes sense to do so.

Our experience of stabilizing food and beverages for long shelf life using activated carbon, bleaching earths, magnesium silicate, PVPP and silica gel adsorbents is the natural complement to our filtration expertise.

General Filtration’s cartridge and bag filter systems give a range of options for guard filtration against occasional tramp solids in various applications throughout food and beverage plants, especially in packaging and in liquid tanker loading and unloading stations.

Our filtration experts know how to specify and supply all types of filter commonly used in food and beverages. We know when to apply filter aids, filter sheets, filter cartridges, filter bags and adsorbent stabilizers for the assurance of the highest quality, and we know how to optimize systems for the achievement of efficiencies and economies of production.

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We have decades of hands on experience filtering beer, wine, juice, spirits, and an endless list of other products. No matter what your product is, we have the right filtration solutions.

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