Filters for coolants

Metalworking of nearly all types requires the use of coolants to cool the workpiece and to wash away chips or grinding swarf from the cutting surface. Proper filtration of machining coolants will give much improved surface finishes, longer tool life and greatly increased coolant life.

General Filtration offers a wide variety of filter cartridges and filter bags for coolant filtration as well as having a huge stock of rolls of non-woven filter media for use on indexing coolant filters of all types.

We specialize in custom in-house cutting to produce all sizes of roll media on short notice to keep your production going. Types of media include polypropylene, polyester, and rayon as well as high loft, long life media.

Coolants can be expensive to purchase and spent coolants can be very costly to dispose of. We offer filter powders such as Dicalite Diatomite, Dicalite perlite and Solka-Floc cellulose which can give such a fine degree of filtration that coolant life is greatly extended.

Some coolants may build up a level of dissolved solids and color contaminants that they must be replaced. We offer specialty adsorbents such as Magnesorb that can remove this contamination and extend the coolant life.

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