Filtration for paint, coating, and ink products


Paints need filtration to remove oversize pigment particles and skins of polymeric material. We offer filter bags and filter cartridges that cover the full range required from coarse to fine removal. As well we can provide the necessary filter housings for these products.

Automotive paint

Automotive paint in particular must meet exacting filtration standards. Our felt filter bags are silicone free, meeting automotive specifications. We offer special extended area filter bags, such Eaton Hayflow that require less frequent changes, saving cost and labour.

Clear coatings

Clear coats require excellent clarity to give the desired depth of gloss. We have melt blown polypropylene filter cartridges that are absolute rated and non-particle shedding to ensure quality. We will help you match the filter to the filtration needs of the product.


Inks may range from rough newsprint inks that need only screening with a monofilament filter bag, all the way to high value ink jet inks that may need submicronic cartridge filtration. We have products for the complete range.

For all your paint, coatings, and ink filtration needs

General Filtration has products for filtration and purification for all types of inks and coatings. Let our filtration experts help you find the right product for your unique application.

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