Filter Bags

FILTER BAGS are the simplest, most economical way to solve many industrial filtration problems. GENERAL FILTRATION stocks

  • micron-rated bags to fit all bag filter housings
  • absolute rated filter bags
  • oil absorbing bags
  • Hayflow extended life filter bag
We also provide standard and custom bag filter housings with CRN and ASME code stamp.

GENERAL FILTRATION stocks the complete line of EATON fully heat-welded FILTER BAGS. Heat-welded seams eliminate fluid bypass through needle holes made by sewing. With a complete line of engineered filter bag vessels and heat-welded FILTER BAGS, EATON has the finest array of bag filter products on the market today. All-polypropylene and all-PVDF bag vessels handle your tough corrosive applications.

Contact us for information regarding all former HAYWARD FILTRATION™, GAF FILTER SYSTEMS© and LOEFFLER FILTRATION© products.